Service Day

By: Gladys Vasquez  ’16 and Amber Mejia ’16

Service Day at AMSU took place on November 24th, 2015. In this AMSU tradition, faculty and students join in groups to go out and perform acts of service. Some girls went to retirement homes, elementary schools, and food shelters. At the retirement homes, students of different clubs performed for the elderly. In the elementary schools, my peers and I assisted the teachers for a day. Other students prepared sandwiches and prepped food for the needy at food shelters. This year, I was assigned to make holiday cards for the elderly and convicted members of society. Although I had to stay in school this service day, I had a good time. While we made our cards, we listened to Christmas carols and sang our hearts out. This was a fun activity that allowed us to be creative and share our holiday spirit with others. Service day is a great activity that really helps us bond and express our holiday and serviam spirit.