Freshmen-Junior Picnic on the Mount

By: Destiny Abinader ’17 & Nia Javier ’17

Coming in as a new student is never easy, but to make it easier for the new freshmen to feel at home we followed an old school tradition. The freshmen and their new junior sisters shared a picnic in the warm sun on September 18th. The juniors treated their sisters to food and some gifts. It was by far one of the best events the juniors have experienced in the past 3 years; as well as an amazing first for the freshmen. The juniors experienced the event once again, but now they were playing the opposite role. After the picnic, we asked faculty and some of the students about their thoughts on the event. They were all surprised to see how fast the freshmen and juniors were able to connect. We owe the quick connection to the shared modern day interests such as music, technology, and social media. This event was only the beginning of the Freshmen’s AMSU experience.