Open House

By: Lillian Urena ’16 and Skaila Pyatt ’16

It was a good weekend here at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula. On Friday, October 16th, we celebrated our 160th anniversary at the Botanical Gardens. Then, on Sunday, over 200 people visited our open house. Eighth graders from different parts of New York City saw our beautiful campus, our academic programs, along with our performing arts programs, and the many different clubs offered here. The tour began on the first floor, where the guests were greeted and led to the balcony to watch the AMSU Vocalists performance. They sang along with one of our wonderful violin players and the performance was followed by another performance by our school step team. After the entertainment portion of the tour was finished, the guests finished their tour by traveling back down to the cafeteria for our lively club fair. The excitement and cheerfulness was clearly visible on all of our guests’ faces, along with all who worked and planned our open house.

Pictures by: P.Dannenhoffer