Junior Retreat

By: Irene Agripino ’17 

During the weekend of November 13th to the 15th, the junior class went on their annual junior retreat, a tradition that the Academy of Mount. St. Ursula has held for many years. The Class of 2017 visited Blair Lodge in Putman Valley, NY. Blair Lodge was surrounded by nature and the lack of cell service allowed the girls to disconnect with their devices and interact with one another and their surroundings. We took part in spiritual and emotional activities throughout the day. The main idea for the retreat was to have us leave the real world and find ourselves.

On the first day, we settled in and had our phone ceremony, in which we handed in our phones for the weekend. Then, we had our first prayer service and received journals that we were going to write in and express how we felt. After the prayer, we enjoyed a few hours of free time until the following day when the real activities began. On Saturday morning, we had breakfast together and then we had our second prayer service. After the second prayer service, we got into our groups. Getting into small groups was the best part of the retreat because it really allows us to open up. Even though some of us didn’t say much or showed much emotion, we were all touched. We all felt a stronger connection with each other after that weekend.