Freshman/Junior Picnic

By Lizie Mensah
At the Academy of Mt.St.Ursula, sisterhood has always been an element of the school’s foundation. It is not only a bond that keeps the girls together, but it is also the factor that serves as the essence of the unity among them. AMSU strives to keep this fellowship and sisterly sensation alive in their school
and environment. In doing so, a Junior-Freshman picnic is held annually.

This year’s Junior- Freshman picnic event took place on Friday, September 16th. The girls got together with their Junior and Freshman sisters and had lunch. As a part of the tradition, the Juniors brought their Freshman sisters food and gifts as well. With music and laughter in the midst and balloons and joy in the air, one could feel the true ecstasy of the event. Unlike any other picnic that had taken place before, the freshmen and juniors had their
picnic in the school’s auditorium. However, the fun and joyful atmosphere can not be compared to the picnics of earlier years.

The picnic was indeed a remarkable one. The freshmen and the juniors had a great and wonderful time together. The next set of consecutive events that will be taking place at the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula in the week right after are the Freshman Ice-Cream Social, College Day Workshop for Seniors and College Night for Juniors and Seniors.