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Junior Retreat

By: Irene Agripino ’17 

During the weekend of November 13th to the 15th, the junior class went on their annual junior retreat, a tradition that the Academy of Mount. St. Ursula has held for many years. The Class of 2017 visited Blair Lodge in Putman Valley, NY. Blair Lodge was surrounded by nature and the lack of cell service allowed the girls to disconnect with their devices and interact with one another and their surroundings. We took part in spiritual and emotional activities throughout the day. The main idea for the retreat was to have us leave the real world and find ourselves.

On the first day, we settled in and had our phone ceremony, in which we handed in our phones for the weekend. Then, we had our first prayer service and received journals that we were going to write in and express how we felt. After the prayer, we enjoyed a few hours of free time until the following day when the real activities began. On Saturday morning, we had breakfast together and then we had our second prayer service. After the second prayer service, we got into our groups. Getting into small groups was the best part of the retreat because it really allows us to open up. Even though some of us didn’t say much or showed much emotion, we were all touched. We all felt a stronger connection with each other after that weekend.

Service Day

By: Gladys Vasquez  ’16 and Amber Mejia ’16

Service Day at AMSU took place on November 24th, 2015. In this AMSU tradition, faculty and students join in groups to go out and perform acts of service. Some girls went to retirement homes, elementary schools, and food shelters. At the retirement homes, students of different clubs performed for the elderly. In the elementary schools, my peers and I assisted the teachers for a day. Other students prepared sandwiches and prepped food for the needy at food shelters. This year, I was assigned to make holiday cards for the elderly and convicted members of society. Although I had to stay in school this service day, I had a good time. While we made our cards, we listened to Christmas carols and sang our hearts out. This was a fun activity that allowed us to be creative and share our holiday spirit with others. Service day is a great activity that really helps us bond and express our holiday and serviam spirit.

Ring Day: The Beginning of Senior Year

By: Liliana Mendez ’16

Ring Day is just like how it sounds; a day when the seniors get their high school rings. It is not, however, as simple as walking across the stage to get your ring and then leaving.  At the Academy of Mount St. Ursula, the seniors have to survive skating from Poe Park to the school in order to get their rings; in AMSU things are not handed to you, they are earned. This ring links us eternally to AMSU and is a symbol of the completion of high school. This amazing day took place on Friday, October 23rd and was filled with many amazing experiences.

The seniors’ day began at 8:30 A.M., the time we had to arrive at Poe Park on 193rd Street.  We started off by taking pictures and finally it was the moment we had been waiting for since freshman year; it was time to skate!  We have the option to skate, scoot, or walk to the school. But, no matter what mode of transportation you choose, you are not safe.  Trust me, I was walking and still fell. It is so amazing to see the spirit of sisterhood shine during this activity.  Everyone was so supportive of one another and was there to lend a helping hand. After we had all gotten back to the school safely, it was time for the ceremony to begin.  It was one of the most exciting days we have experienced so far at AMSU because of the anticipation for our rings. The first time we see the rings is on ring day, something that we have been waiting for since the end of junior year.  The ring is of the most concrete pieces of evidence that you are a senior. Ring day is not only about the giving out of rings. There are also scholarships given out in memory of influential members of the AMSU community that have passed away.  These awards start a legacy and never let us forget the amazing achievements of our sisters They are given to students that exhibit the qualities of the person who the award is named after.  The underclassmen also shine on this special day. The juniors perform the infamous Junior Skit and the sophomore class performs a song dedicated to their senior sisters.  This year’s skit was amazing. Not only was it hilarious but also very interactive. It was entertaining and very well put together.  The sophomore class performed a very heartwarming song that made our bond even closer and the ceremony ended with the singing of the school song.  Ring day was amazing and an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Ring Day was the beginning of the journey called senior year.

“Welcome Freshman” Open Mic

By: Samantha Arias ’16

AMSU students of all grades gathered together to support the performers at the Open Mic. Students came up to sing, play instruments, recite spoken word; we even had our first comedy routine performed by some juniors. One of our very own teachers, Mr. Henry, also joined in by playing the guitar while one of our students sang.  All that participated had the audience cheering and wanting more. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and were left anticipating the next one.