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Freshman/Junior Picnic

By Lizie Mensah
At the Academy of Mt.St.Ursula, sisterhood has always been an element of the school’s foundation. It is not only a bond that keeps the girls together, but it is also the factor that serves as the essence of the unity among them. AMSU strives to keep this fellowship and sisterly sensation alive in their school
and environment. In doing so, a Junior-Freshman picnic is held annually.

This year’s Junior- Freshman picnic event took place on Friday, September 16th. The girls got together with their Junior and Freshman sisters and had lunch. As a part of the tradition, the Juniors brought their Freshman sisters food and gifts as well. With music and laughter in the midst and balloons and joy in the air, one could feel the true ecstasy of the event. Unlike any other picnic that had taken place before, the freshmen and juniors had their
picnic in the school’s auditorium. However, the fun and joyful atmosphere can not be compared to the picnics of earlier years.

The picnic was indeed a remarkable one. The freshmen and the juniors had a great and wonderful time together. The next set of consecutive events that will be taking place at the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula in the week right after are the Freshman Ice-Cream Social, College Day Workshop for Seniors and College Night for Juniors and Seniors.

Halloween Dance

By: Liliana Mendez ’16,  Nia Javier ‘17, and Lillian Ureña ‘16

It is safe to say that the Halloween Dance was a complete success! It was astonishing to see so many young and enthusiastic people having such a great time. Ms. D has reported that we were able to raise an abundant amount, making this dance one of the most successful thus far. Not only was it a financial success, but the girls who attended explained that the dance was one of the best dances that they have attended. The haunted house was superb, and the overall dancing was entertaining. The dance proved to be a decent and amazing night for everyone who attended. Anyone who did, or did not attend, were reminded how amazing and fun Ursula can truly be. It is safe to say that everyone is excited about the next dances to come!

Open House

By: Lillian Urena ’16 and Skaila Pyatt ’16

It was a good weekend here at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula. On Friday, October 16th, we celebrated our 160th anniversary at the Botanical Gardens. Then, on Sunday, over 200 people visited our open house. Eighth graders from different parts of New York City saw our beautiful campus, our academic programs, along with our performing arts programs, and the many different clubs offered here. The tour began on the first floor, where the guests were greeted and led to the balcony to watch the AMSU Vocalists performance. They sang along with one of our wonderful violin players and the performance was followed by another performance by our school step team. After the entertainment portion of the tour was finished, the guests finished their tour by traveling back down to the cafeteria for our lively club fair. The excitement and cheerfulness was clearly visible on all of our guests’ faces, along with all who worked and planned our open house.

Pictures by: P.Dannenhoffer

Ice Cream and Serviam

By: Shaquera Tolbert ’16

The Ice Cream Social is an annual event at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula that takes place at the beginning of the year. Aside from feeding us ice cream, its purpose is to inform our freshman and transfer students about the different forms of service/volunteer work the school offers and the experiences of other students. Some girls came up to the podium and spoke about their experiences, such as volunteering at the Cardinal Hayes Special Needs Program where they expressed how humbling the atmosphere is. Other students shared their experience at POTS. At this service location, students work at a community soup kitchen and are able to give back to the homeless. Many girls also shared their experience with Sister Alice Marie’s UN events. They spoke about visiting the UN and speaking with other students about human trafficking.

Thinking About Joining a Club at AMSU…

By:Grace Arias ’17

There are a variety of different clubs and sports one can join at AMSU. These extra-curricular activities give you the chance to connect with students and faculty, learn new things and demonstrate a willingness to be a part of the school community. On Tuesday, I took the opportunity to audition as a dancer in Baila Latina for International Night. This is a part of the Spanish Club, and I was eager to sign up during the Club Fair. Despite my enthusiasm to join in this activity, I became very nervous when it came time to learn the steps to the routine for the audition. With the assistance and enthusiasm from the current members, I was able to perform the routine successfully. The determination I had in me led me to being chosen as a dancer. The inviting environment at AMSU can motivate one to want to join any extra-curricular activity. I strongly believe that my participation in these clubs has made my high school years at AMSU enjoyable. So if you’re thinking about joining a club, I suggest you do it.

Freshmen-Junior Picnic on the Mount

By: Destiny Abinader ’17 & Nia Javier ’17

Coming in as a new student is never easy, but to make it easier for the new freshmen to feel at home we followed an old school tradition. The freshmen and their new junior sisters shared a picnic in the warm sun on September 18th. The juniors treated their sisters to food and some gifts. It was by far one of the best events the juniors have experienced in the past 3 years; as well as an amazing first for the freshmen. The juniors experienced the event once again, but now they were playing the opposite role. After the picnic, we asked faculty and some of the students about their thoughts on the event. They were all surprised to see how fast the freshmen and juniors were able to connect. We owe the quick connection to the shared modern day interests such as music, technology, and social media. This event was only the beginning of the Freshmen’s AMSU experience.